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About our project: SoS = good practice

Sick or Sound (SOS) was a project of four high schools in Germany, Romania, Poland and Spain and their students (14-16 years old). It was designed to bind it together disciplines, perspectives, teachers and schools of different nations of the European Union. Starting point was the students' profound experience of being sick and the vital interest in being healthy. Departing from the distinction of feeling ill and the presence of objective diseases, the project made an issue both of what the students undergo suffering from sickness and becoming sound and of what they learn through the media eg about infectious diseases.

The project's first objective was a new approach is teaching Sciences, Mathematics and English. It fostered the general and transversal skills to formulate own SoS topics or to find strategies for getting information or doing research. By the use of advanced teaching environments like workshops and innovative experimental settings, like chemical release Principles and web-based communication project oriented and interdisciplinary learning was promoted. Along with these items directly referring to this performance, having a good and critical look on sickness and suffering or the comparison over cultural borders strengthened both classes and schools, fostered tolerance among students and teachers, enhanced the identity of the participants as Europeans and promoted a better understanding of the human condition under the threat of becoming ill.

We are very proud of the fact that our project has been evaluated as very good-excellent and belongs according to EU standards to the projects of "Good Practice". But moreover we are very happy about the fact that we have made new friends in Romania, Poland, Spain and Germany and that we will keep up our work as messengers of the European Spirit.