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Health Day at the Schönborn-Gymnasium Bruchsal on July 1st, 2016

How can our Erasmus+-project “Sick or Sound” reach out to all the students, the staff and the parents of our school to implement ‘healthy ideas’? Our team decided to choose the Health Day for this goal and after many months of preparation, on July 1st, our Principal Mr Mittag started the opening ceremony by welcoming the students, the staff, the instructors and one of our stakeholders the UKBW [Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg].   

Our goal was to sensitize our ‘school community’ for this very important subject: Health.

Therefore, we invited representatives of different health or governmental organizations, sport clubs or other private groups of our area and also some of our colleagues to execute a 90 minutes’ workshop in 3 consecutive blocks.  The workshops took place in our school, in our school yard, in the park around our school and at the stadium of a nearby high school. With the intention to involve also the parents we opened the workshops in the afternoon for the parents. The Body Model and the video installation of the Erasmus+-students informed the interested parents about the Erasmus+-project SoS (Sick or Sound).

Each class participated in 3 different of our 26 workshops which offered instructional or athletic occupations.

The aspect of healthy nutrition included for example the basic food pyramid, the critical analyze of common commercial power drinks, soft drinks or power bars and also discussed diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle [drugs, fast food, stress f.e.].

The Aids organization of Karlsruhe provided information on important HIV/AIDS issues from the problems of transmission of HIV to the stigmatization and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The association of dental hygiene of Karlsruhe taught our students how they should take care of their dental hygiene by analyzing the impact of correct tooth cleaning. They also showed them how to create their own toothpaste.

The organization ‘Manisita’ was cooking vegetarian burgers and vegetable meals to teach the students another aspect of healthy lifestyle.

The workshop ‘Chill and Relax” focused on mental health teaching the students how to cope with stressful situations as exams or tests.

The athletic workshops offered a variety from different kind of dancing [HipHop or Breakdance] to girls’ soccer, Frisbee competitions, acrobatics and self-defense. In a single or in a partner challenge, the students could test their ability to hold their balance on the slackline or at the balancing corner.

The higher grades [9th to 11th] were able to run for the German Athletic Running badge.

We also asked our cafeteria team to join our event by offering a healthy nutrition at that day: a healthy vegetarian wrap with 2 choices of fillings, a yoghurt and a fruit.

The Health Day was the first event of that kind at our school and gave an opportunity to all the participants to gain a varied experience in the important field of ‘Health’.