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World Health and Sports Day in Domosławice

On 2 June 2016 in Józef Tischner Junior High School and Kindergarten Complex there was organized the event called World Health and Sports Day. All the students and teachers from our school took part in this event. Students' parents and other family members were also invited to participate in it, and we had special guests, too - a group of children from an orphanage in Tarnów.

The aim of the World Health and Sports Day was to promote healthy eating habits as well as active lifestyle. During the event everybody had a chance to participate in different activities.

Some students from primary school and junior high school prepared healthy and really delicious snacks and desserts for others to taste. They were all made from natural ingredients without additives and preservatives. You can see the photos of those delicious snacks and how they were made here: Healthy food

The participants could also try their hand in various fun sports competitions and forms of physical activities including archery, football, elements of gymnastics, zumba, aerobics and dancing and other. A group of students from the second class of junior high school organized a hike in the Pieniny Mountains. You can see the photos of what we did here: Sports, games and activities

There was also organized a competition for the best posters showing healthy eating habits. The winning posters can be viewed here: Posters

Everybody had a lot of fun during the World Health and Sports Day, which made us all aware that it's not so difficult to prepare something healthy and delicious to eat and that we can take spend our time actively, even if we are not so good at sports.