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From 14th to 17th September 2016 the Schönborn Gymnasium Bruchsal  hosted an international meeting which was part of the Erasmus+ „SOS: Sick or Sound" project. The participants of the meeting were: Carlos Ivo Jerez Rodriguez and Conchi Vaz from the Institut D'Icart in Tarragona, Spain and Beata Migas, Edyta Wnekowicz, from the Jozef Tischner Highschool in Domoslawice, Sonia Nicorici and Daniela Pavel from the Colegiul National „Grigore Ghica" in Dorohoi, Romania. The representatives of the German school were Mr Mittag, Monika Straub and Simone Schönung as Project coordinator.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the results of the transnational meeting in Poland in May 2016 as well as to prepare  the next meeting in Spain in November 2017. The focus in Spain will be on biological aspects of different diseases and how to prevent them, eg by practicing sports.

Apart from the preparation of the Spain meeting and the evaluation of feedback forms, the focus of this meeting was also on the upcoming activities in this school year and the necessary results, to be put in our final booklet. This was very important due to the fact that we had three new members in our team (Dana, Sonia and Edyta). We also discussed the different teachings methods in our countries, focusing especially on the subject of English as the level of English differs a lot among the students. In order to look for ways to improve our teaching methods, we also participated in English, Biology and Physics lessons at the SBG and drew conclusions for further teaching activities. One suggestion was the topic of "Body Talk" presented by the German teacher, Eveline Hauss. The teachers were informed about the content of this project and were given materials to use in their English lessons.

Furthermore, the mayor of Bruchsal Mrs Petzold-Schick participated on Friday in our meeting and encouraged us to continue our great work. She was convinced that our work was very important and on an outstanding level.

Apart from working hard, the teachers also had the opportunity to inform themselves about the locations for the students´meeting in Germany in 2017. They made a tour of Heidelbeg, Bruchsal and Karlsruhe, watching the light show at the castle of Karlsruhe.

In order to get to know German costums, we had a welcome barbecue at Ms Lehrian´s house and a farewell evening at the "Oktoberfest" in Graben-Neudorf.