Blue Flower




In the morning, students and teachers were first welcomed and met at school where they were all given some gifts and souvenirs of the meeting in Tarragona. After that, we went to the Town Hall to be welcomed by the educational and political local authorities who held the reception at the plenary lounge, where the Mayor and all the local political authorities meet to take important decisions about the city. The atmosphere was very grandiloquent and cosy at the same time.

After the official welcoming, there was some time to break the ice into speaking and socialising before the guided tour around the city centre and the old district. It was the students and teachers’ first contact and discovery of the city, highlighting some cultural facts and some aspects about health in the Roman times as well as in the middle ages, as we toured along archaeological ruins of these times.

Later, we had a presentation of the Erasmus programme at school, recalling the mobilities in Romania and Poland, too.

After lunch at the students’ home families we addressed to the seaport for a boat trip which allowed to enjoy the coast of Tarragona and the port infrastructures. 

After the trip, students went with their host families.


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