Blue Flower


After gathering at school in the morning, we got ready for the day trekking trip along the coast and beaches along the “Camí de Ronda”.

We went from the school, out of the city centre and started walking along the coast, going through the Arrabassada beach, the Savinosa beach, where we could see an old building by the beach which used to be a healing centre for ill people as it is well true that living by the sea is very healthy.

Then we arrived at the Long beach, which is so called because it is 3 kilometres long. This is a very busy and popular beach both in the summer as well as in winter because it allows a 60 minute return walk by the sea, which allows being fit, getting a nice sun tan, vitamin E and endorphin production.

Just at the end of this beach, we had a break to “recover” strength and have a little rest. There were even some brave students who dared have a swim in the sea!!

After the break, we went through a lovely forest called “el Bosc de la Marquesa” and we were delighted with the views and the smell of a typical Mediterranean forest.

Eventually, we arrived at the end of the forest which heads up to the Tamarit Castle, an old and famous Castle, well preserved and used now for important social events, celebrations and renowned weddings.

From there, we finally got to La Mora beach, we spent a couple of hours for the lunch break. There was enough time for eating, playing and having group games, and of course having a nice break. We could also enjoy the lovely sun and weather. Again, some students were brave enough for a swim!

After that, we went along to reach the mouth of the Gaia River, where we became aware of the importance of our environment and its preservation for a healthy and earth friendly life. Our final stop, Altafulla, was the place from where we went back to Tarragona. 

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