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That was the day devoted to workshops and the Health Fair. For the workshops, students were organised into three groups so that they could all participate in the three of them. The times were as well organised into three zones so that the three groups swapped workshops along the day.

The three main workshops were:

  • The SOS dictionary. Here all the students decorated the “Erasmus body” with idioms and expressions with parts of the body so that we got, in the end, a 3D dictionary with a handful of new expressions. This workshop expanded the students’ vocabulary and expressions making them think about how and why the expressions relate to the parts of the body in different languages as well as in English.
  • Hygiene measures. In this workshop some hygiene measures were studied and experimented in the lab. Students could for example realise scientifically, the bacteria left in the mouth even after having brushed their teeth. It obviously made the students realise how important the body hygiene is to prevent diseases and problems.
  • Mosaics making. Every student made a mosaic to their own taste with little pieces of ceramics with a creative and artistic outcome. Apart from the creativity implied in the workshop, it helped them realise and prepare the visit to the Gaudi tour in Barcelona, where this technique is basically used in this creations and Works of art. It was a good way to get to appreciate art.
  • The Health Fair. There was a Health Fair with different stands where the students involved, explained and showed with posters, pictures and graphics, many aspects of illnesses and their relation to the different parts of the body affected. They really could defend their knowledge very skilfully and we all felt very proud of their hard job. It turned out to be a very successful Health Fair.

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