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In the morning, after gathering at school, we got organised into two groups of students and teachers to go on two activities: one tour to the wastewater treatment plant and one trekking tour to the Roman Aqueduct.

In the waste water treatment, we had a whole guided tour where we could see the process the water goes through from the point where it arrives at the plant from the drainage system to the final point where the water is purified to be returned to river.  

The trekking tour accomplished two objectives: on the one hand we could enjoy an almost intact Roman Aqueduct, a real valuable monument; on the other hand, we could learn how fresh water could be supplied to the citizens in the city.

After these two activities there was the lunch break to be followed by two other activities at school: a Yoga workshop and a First Aid protocol one.

In the first one, students could experiment the beneficial effects of deep and right breathing and the relaxation that Yoga brings along. In the second, we learned a common protocol to be performed in case of an emergency. It was conducted by a doctor and students could practise it with false human bodies which worked out very well and it proved funny, too.

After this intense evening, the students were taken over by their host families.

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