Blue Flower


This day was devoted to sports competitions that students had organised themselves. The sports chosen by them were football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and chess. This was a good way to crown an SOS week by exercising and honouring health.

They spent the morning competing and playing and after that, we had a community lunch with typical products and dishes from our area, flaunting our precious Mediterranean diet. 

After the meal, there was the “official” farewell by the Spanish members of the Erasmus team, Ms. Conchi Vaz, Mr.Carlos Jerez and Ms. Pilar Izquierdo and a final, closing speech by the responsible German teacher of the whole Project, Ms. Simone Schoenung.

Those final speeches  were followed by the demonstration  and joining in of some folk dances led by a folk group which cheered all of us up into dancing and having a hilarious time.

The evening came to its end with an open disco at the playground which evidenced the involvement and friendship of all the international students at the very end of the mobility. It was a good time to free themselves into body expression and share a fantastic time they will surely cherish forever.

They went to their host families for the last night in Spain.