Blue Flower

Trip to SEW Eurodrive

On Friday, the 17th of June 2016, we went together with our form teacher Ms. Schönung and our Science teacher Mr. Tomann to the research center of the SEW, a worldwide leading company for drive automation solutions . When we arrived at the research center, we divided the class into two groups. One group was first in the “Blue Hall” and the other group was in another building where some experts showed us some innovative concepts. The most interesting was the self-driving vehicle with a sensor. It was able to park itself in a marked area. After about 45 minutes we changed the buildings. In the “Blue Hall” you could see more of the latest concepts of the SEW like a mobile logistic assistant system. We were also allowed to control the mobile assistant. There were also some components for other conceptions. For example a sensor controlled machine to transport heavy boxes was shown to us.

It was a very interesting day and everybody could learn a lot.