Blue Flower

Global five

On 18th  April our class went together with our form teacher, Mrs Schönung to the exhibition “Global five” at our local town hall. As we are having a closer look at what makes us “sick or sound “during our SoS project, we wanted to inform us about the agenda 2030. The exhibition was based on five goals: “End poverty”, ”secure nutrition”, “improve health”, “education for all”, “clean water for everyone”. We focused on the aspect of health and with the presentation of a representative from Manisita eV, we got a good insight in the work of Manisita and the situation of health in India. This made us aware of the fact, how lucky we are that we have enough (or even too much) food to eat and such a good health system in Germany. We also realized that we wanted to donate money to this organization to help other students in India to improve their living conditions and thus their health. We also had the chance of tasting some delicious Indian food, prepared by some of our fellow students.