Blue Flower

Visit from Yanaoka

On Wednesday, the 11th May 2016, we the Erasmus+ class held a healthy cake sale.

We donated the money to the school of YANAOKA in Peru. That way our school, also with donations of other students, provides poor students with a warm meal a day. We were glad to help other people who are in need.

On 6th October 2016 we had the chance to get to know two persons from Yanaoka. Schwester Lucila und Señor Roman visited our school. They presented us their country and the schools there. We learned much about Yanaoka and the situation. We saw the big differences between our two cultures and school systems. Schwester Lucila told us about her special school project, too. She takes care of young girls that have been sexually abused. This is a boarding school and the girls are safe there. They live with their children and get food and school education. We were shocked as we listened to this because we didn’t know that this is a big problem in Peru. They have also no good medical care and to get to hospital, they have to drive for several hours. Although it was shocking to see the poverty, it was also motivating because the people there make the best out of their life. Yanaoka needs help and the “Peru-Kreis” in the village of Karlsdorf-Neuthard in Germany tries to help them. They organise some get-togethers between the two villages and our school and all its students help to support the schools in Yanaoka too. At the end of the presentation we could ask them some questions we wanted to know about Yanaoka. We were really sad after this presentation. Before that we han not known where we spent our money on every year. So that was really helpful for us and we think we will donate more money to Yanaoca and we will have another cake sale. So they can do more for students and finally more children can go to school because this is important for their life.

All in all it was very interesting and informative. Annika, Annique and Aylin