Blue Flower

Health and political awareness

On 4th April our Erasmus-class had a meeting with our mayor of Bruchsal, Mrs Petzold-Schick and Mr Hauns and Mrs Gantner representatives of the community of Bruchsal. They talked about the importance of political involvement and Mrs Petzold-Schick invited the students to participate in Bruchsal´s youth council. Mrs Petzold Schick was also very interested in the necessities of young people in Bruchsal. So the Students from the Erasmus-class pointed out that it is important for them to imporve  the cycling paths in the city because they use their bike as a medium of transportation and as a way to keep fit and do something for their healthy lifestyle. It is also important to them to improve the schedules of trains and busses, so the students can choose environmental friendly ways to get to school and Bruchsal instead of making their parents take them there or spending ours on their way to and from school or meeting friends in Bruchsal. The mayor was very satisfied with the students involvement in the discussion and is looking forward to meeting them again in May. Furthermore, two students, Andrej and Manuel, volunteered  to help out at the upcoming election in Bruchsal.