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Student:  Raul Apăscăriței


SOUNDiROBO is a toy robot designed for kids, that can be controlled through any device which can access Wireless & Bluetooth. p2.png

What does this robot really do?

Well, the very moment we access the robot menu, it will immediately start teaching us, through audio, how to use it.

We’ll follow its instructions.



After pressing the button “MUZICA”, a melody will start and we have to adjust the volume of our device, then we’ll press the START button.


In this step, SOUNDiROBO lets us choose in which language we want to use it. We’ll choose the English menu.


SOUNDiROBO: “Welcome to the English menu of SOUNDiROBO. Press the buttons of the words you want him to tell.”

In the following step we can see how SOUNDiROBO works. After pressing any button, SOUNDiROBO will say what it is written on it.

SOUNDiROBO has an educative menu for children, a page where its buttons are pieces of advice for children health. So, in the next step, we’ll choose SOS MENU.



  1. Wash you hands before any meal!
  2. Brush your teeth before going to sleep!
  3. Don’t eat sweets in excess!
  4. Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day.
  5. Exercise every day.