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The second meeting of the students, their parents and teachers involved in the Erasmus+ SoS project took place on 6 May 2016, before the second transnational meeting in Poland.

The participants of the meeting were the students who were in Romania, as well as those who agreed to host the foreign students, their parents and teachers (Agnieszka Strusińska, Beata Migas, and Dorota Michałek).

The parents were first given a brief description of the meeting in Romania and shown some photos and movies from the students' visit in Dorohoi. For most of the parents hosting a foreign student would be the first experience of that kind, so Ms. Dorota Michałek explained to them briefly what it is like to be a host family, what to pay attention to and what to expect. The parents were advised to keep an eye on students with allergies and health problems, which were mentioned in the students' profiles given to them earlier. The schedule of the meeting in Poland was also presented and discussed with the students and parents in detail.



On Thursday 12th May during the meeting in Poland the students had a chance to participate in the Cooking Workshop. The students worked in groups and each group had to prepare one or two healthy medieval dishes or snacks. Later, they tried the food they had prepared and we can safely say that the dishes were absolutely delicious! You can see what the students cooked and how much fun they had in this photoreport: Healthy Medieval Dishes and Snack-photoreport

The medieval dishes are relatively simple and everybody can prepare them at home!

Meeting with parents before the Romanian meeting

On 15 November 2015, before the scheduled transnational meeting in Romania, there was organized a meeting in which there took part the students going to Romania, their parents, the teachers (Agnieszka Strusińska, Beata Migas and Janusz Łach) and the headmaster of the school. The meeting was organized in order to provide the parents with the information where their children would be going, which host families they were going to stay with, and what activities they were to take part in. Both students and parents were advised what things to pack and what documents should be taken for the journey. Detailed information about the whole Sick and Sound Erasmus+ project, was also given to the parents.




Report SBG-TV


Since 2015 our school the SBG, has a TV group which was founded by Mr Speder. In the group we are about 7 people. Every Friday in the meet together and discuss what is important now to be filmed. For Example we made a short clip of the Erasmus project where we presented our body model and Mrs schonungen is talking about the trip to Rumania. After we have made a video, the load it up to our YouTube-Channel. The videos usually we have a length of 5 to 10 minutes. The equipment we need to film the videos was sponsored by the school. We have a lot of fun in this group and Hope that in the future we can film a lot more things than we are doing now. Christopher Nasios

Here you can watch the movie: