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 On 28 March 2017 the German Erasmus+ SoS students went with their French teacher Ms Straub and their trainee teacher Ms Luz to the European Information Center 'Europe Direct' in Stuttgart.

In a 3-hours-workshop the students worked with Mr Bunjes, representative of the center Europe Direct on the importance of the European Union. They discussed how much the EU influences their lives and realized that the decisions made in Strasbourg are closer to their daily life than they had imagined before. Mr Bunjes showed the logo of the European Emergency Call Number '112-One Europe One Number' and explained that only 20% of the German population is aware of the fact that this number is available everywhere in the EU (and worldwide on GSM mobile networks).

Regarding the current situation in the EU, the meeting also focused on the upcoming challenges like 'Brexit' and the elections in France and in Germany.