Blue Flower

DFB-Junior Coach


From 14th March to 16th March and from 28th April to 29th April I did my DFB-Junior Coach course in Bruchsal. There were three teachers who taught us about the golden rules of football, the different competences and many other things. The lessons started at 8.30 am and ended at 5.00 pm. Every day at 12.00 am we got a delicious lunch like Pizza or Chinese food. The day started with a theory lesson, in which we learned how to train kids. But football isn´t the only thing you need to be a good coach. Social competences are very important to communicate with the kids and show them that football is a team sport. In practical lessons we learned also how to train kids but not on social or cognitive aspects rather with motorical aspects like pass the ball or shoot. We were shown different kinds of practices which promote skill abilities like dribble, pass, shoot, throw, doing a header, endurance, force or coordination. In other days we learned how to motivate a team in the cabin before a match or in half time to help the team mentally or give them the right tactical information to win the match. On the last day we wrote an easy test which everyone passed. We got a white DFB-Junior Coach T-shirt and a certificate. The coach of the u-19 national team of Germany hold a speech and congratulated us.