Blue Flower

Body-Talk for boys

On 30th  June, a workshop, called „Body-Talk“, took place within the Erasmu+Project: SoS at our school.It was about eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. Boys and girls were seperated.

In my opinion, it was good that the Body-Talk was a discussion and not like normal lessons. I think that it was good that we were informed about this theme because anyone could be affected by an eating disorder. We learned what could cause such an eating diasorder or how people who were once affected by an eating disorder wished to be treated in this period.

We were shown in general very helpful facts concerning this theme.

It was also very interesting and I liked it.

By Felix Schuhmann

Body Talk for girls

On Thursday, the 30th June, we had a discussion with Mrs. Hauss about our body and our self-esteem. We talked about what gives us a good self-esteem and watched a video how model pictures are made. We observed how Barbie and Ken have changed over the last years. We came to the conclusion that beauty comes from the inside.

By Daria, Vanessa, Maria