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Our Placements (1st-5th February 2016)



In the first week of February our class participated in Bogy. We all did different Placements in different companies and Institutions. Some of us selected our placements in health Institutions because we think the topic of health is very important, interesting and it fits our project Erasmus + SoS.


We think our placements were very nice because the people were friendly and caring and the program varied.


We went to different health Institutions, for example to a hospital, a pharmacy and a veterinarian, that's why we did different things. At the pharmacy cream was created and at the Hospitals, the students learned something about health and medicine. (Daria)


Below you can see the singles reports of the different Institutions.

1. Christopher wrote:


I did my placement at the hospital in Bruchsal. My work started every day at 8 o'clock am and ended 2 o'clock pm. Every day I had to go downstairs and change my clothes because of hygiene. After I had gone to the surgery station where I was working I helped the caregivers to bring the patients Their breakfast. After that I had to measure the patient vitalfunction. That took a lot of time. When we finished all the caregivers and I ate breakfast at 9.30. The rest of the days I brought some patients to Their operations or had to make Their bandages. I made them tea or brought them lunch. At the end of my placement I can say That it was a very interesting experience but I could not imagine working at a hospital because of all it is a very strange place to work and I can not distance from the patients so That if someone dies I would not be very sad.


2. Annika wrote:

I spent five days (1st to 5th February 2016) at the hospital in Karlsruhe. Most of the time I was with the nurses on the ward of neurosurgery and took care of patients. I helped the patients in different ways. I took their temperature, felt their pulse and measured their blood pressure. Furthermore, I brought them their lunch and often took blood samples to the laboratory. The most interesting day was Wednesday. I was allowed to see an operation during which a scalp was operated.

One week later I was at the hospital again and went with a doctor. On this day I was at the emergency ward but only for emergencies of neurosurgery. This day nothing happened but I learned more about the work at this specific ward. I thought it was really interesting and I learned many new things.

 3. Brit wrote:
For my placement I went to the Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg (UKBW) in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart from Monday to Friday. The umbrella organisation of the UKBW is the DGUV (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung). The UKBW is a member of the German social accident insurance and the statuory of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the communities. The insurance covers students, rescuer, workers of the country, firemen and many more. I was mainly in the prevention department. My supervisor told me something about the company and explained me the corporate health management. I went to external services and seminars about health and movement. Also I took part in a meeting with the director. I have selected the UKBW because the UKBW is a partner in the Erasmus+ project and the theme health is very important and interesting for our project. I think the placement was very nice because the people are friendly, helpful and caring and the program was varied and interesting.