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Visit to Struthof and Odilienberg, Alsace

Within our project S0S, we went on a very special trip. Being part of our history agenda, we visited the concentration camp of Struthof. Taking into consideration what terrible deeds had been done as life and death at this camp is concerned, we knew that this visit would enlarge our understanding of the value of our own lives and also make us appreciate our own status of health.

The day started with us heading to France by bus. It took us two and a half hours to get there. When we finally arrived we went into the museum and looked around.

After half an hour we entered the actual concentration camp with our teachers, we split into three groups and started to wander around. We saw the big gibbet in the centre of the camp and our teacher told us that it was supposed to intimidate the imprisoned people back then. Then she showed us the cells the prisoners had to live in. It was really shocking to see under what circumstances they had to live. We also saw the big furnace the people were burned in.

Afterwards we went to the monastery Odilienberg where a fellow student held a speech about the person that had lived there once. We had an awesome view from the hill the building was standing on. After about two more hours we were back at our school.