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In our Geography lessons we prepared the international Meeting in GErmany and our trip to Mannheim to the Luisenpark. They presented their finding to their internationel colleagues at the park. They showed their Information on different Posters. For that they found out about the meaning of the colour they want to use for their poster.  Here´s what Benedikt wrote about the Luisenpark.


The role of the Luisenpark




The Luisenpark is the biggest park in Mannheim. As every park, it was built for relaxation. An examination showed that people living in an area with a park, were more happy and less criminal than other, throuh the green colour of the park. The green colour helps us to calm down and relax without feeling asleep.


Apart from the relaxing function of the park, the park has an crucial impact on urban climate. Through photosynthesis the temperature will fall under the 20°C mark at night, which is much better for the human body. But the plants and trees will also filter pollutants from the air and will better the air quality.