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The Schönborn-Gymnasium Bruchsal is a public high-school  with students from the age of 10 years (class 5) to 18 years (class 12). The number of pupils at our school is 690, 68 teachers  educate the students in 30 classes.
The aim of our work is to impart education on a high level.  At the SBG every student is taught  in the subjects German, Maths, English, Biology, N P, Geography, Music, Sports, Arts and  a basic education in Computer Science from class 5. History starts in class 6, Chemistry and Politics in class 8. Students can select between special profiles: They can learn Latin from class 5 or French from class 6, in class 8 they specialize in ancient Greek, Spanish or NWT.

Although our school is proud of its humanistic heritage -it was founded in 1755-, Natural Sciences are stressed in our fields of education. Our Mathematics and IT sectors are well-equipped (2 ICT labs, whiteboards). Our students are able to use modern computer programs such as Moodle or DynaGeo, Geogebra or Vektoris 3D to work on maths topics. In order to  support our most gifted students there´s a special group to discuss mathematic problems and to take part in Math competitions (“MoG”), resulting in the winning of several prices. But also the subjects Chemistry and Physics provide high quality learning opportunities for our students as is shown eg by the fact that the only Foucault pendulum in our region was constructed at the SBG.

Our school sees its educational objective not only in fulfilling its curriculae but also in the preparation of our students for their future professional career: In class 9 our students participate in a mandatory one-week internship in local companies.  Our aims are to  assist students in their occupational orientation and to provide assistance in choosing possible career paths. Through their internship they gain insights into professional life and therefore make important steps in their personality development . To strengthen the ties to future professional careers our school maintains partnerships with local companies (e.g. Sparkasse Kraichgau) and universities (KIT).

In class 11 (K1) our students have the chance to attend a Guidance Workshop Career Choice.  This five-day program works to meet students' need for advisory and guidance before their course of study. In cooperation with the Career Information Centre in Karlsruhe (BIZ) two especially trained workshop tutors from our school give advice and support for choosing a career path and locating a suitable apprenticeship. Participants of the workshop carry out activities in order to find out more about their skills and talents. Goals in life and career goals are detected and clarity is given to them making the right decision in their career choice. This workshop has been attended by more than 40 students every year since 2004. Due to these efforts the SBG has been awarded the BORIS-seal.

Achieving social and personal competences is an important component of school life at our institution as well as the education to independent and autonomous learning, thinking and acting.
Whereas all teachers support their students in that process, our school´s guidance counselor has obtained special training in that aspect. She works with pupils, parents and teachers: She helps students with learning difficulties, fear of examination, fear of school, using diagnostics of cognitive abilities and motivation psychology in order to achieve the principal purpose to help people to help themselves. Cooperation with other institutions to find the best way within the scope of the pupils' abilities is widely practiced.

Another concept  that supports our students´ autonomy is the concept of student mentoring and “students help students”.  In this program older students with high-learning qualities help younger students with learning difficulties. Apart from cognitive competences, specially trained student mediators help to improve social competences of their fellow students, other students are trained in sports, offering eg girls football, improving thus the school´s social climate.

Our school has also reacted to societal changes: while the majority of our students come from middle-class family with conservative family structures, our school decided to  help single-parenting families, families with low income or academic knowledge, offering also full-time childcare.  As also the amount of children with migration background has increased, it has become evident that our school has to offer more support for eg  doing homework. Therefore our school has trained older students in supervising younger students when doing their homework, thus enhancing the chances of equal opportunities. Besides teachers offer choir, orchestra, band, theatre, camera club, arts club and sports clubs (athletics, football, handball, dancing).  In order to acknowledge all the needs of our students, we want to focus even  more on the health issue, being addressed mainly by our school paramedics.